Costume Design in Animation – Disney’s Frozen

Costume Design in Animation - Disney's Frozen

When you think of a Disney animated film, spectacular costume design might not be the first thought that crosses your mind, but all that has changed with the recent release of Frozen. The costumes of the main characters capture a true sense of depth and believability that is absolutely remarkable for the genre. Frozen Art Director Mike Giaimo describes … Read more

Her Costume Design – Envisioning a Warm, Comfortable Future

Her Costume Design

Her tells the quiet, beautiful story of the unlikely relationship that develops between a lonely writer and his interactive operating system. The costumes place us in a not so distant future through subtle use of minimalism, shape and color. Costume designer Casey Storm does an incredible job supporting the story and then getting out of the way. Already nominated for … Read more

Costume Design of Captain America: Civil War

Costume Design of Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War is the largest film of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to date, bringing together two epic teams of heroes to battle an intense physical and ideological war. And to costume two powerful and iconic legions, the Russos turned to acclaimed costume designer Judiaanna Makovsky. Makovsky has multiple Oscar nominations and Costume Designers Guild Award wins for … Read more