Menswear for a Modern Era

Traditional menswear is seeing a huge resurgence in the last several years.  Men around the world are revisiting old world tailored garments and gentlemanly details.  Far from your grandfather's take on suiting, these fashionable gents are putting their own modern stamp on classic clothing. 

Jared Acquaro, putting a modern spin on traditional menswear. (Photo by Men In This Town

Jared Acquaro of A Poor Man's Millions menswear blog in Melbourne, Australia, a man of exceptional personal style, is helping to make tailoring cooler than any pair of skinny jeans.

I recently had the chance to ask him a little about himself and his views on menswear.  Below are his responses and just a small sampling of the incredible images from his own site.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became interested in menswear and suiting? 

Jared Acquaro, 30, Melbourne Australia. Back in my earlier years I toured around Australia with bands doing all sorts of jobs. One of those jobs was Merchandise, so the interaction with people on a retail level came into place and not to mention the style was very different depending on where you were. I would say due to my creative side I've always been interested in fashion and styling but it didn't really sink in until I lived in Germany and experienced fashion week for the first time (On TV).

You're involved with Oscar Hunt, Beggar Man Thief, and A Poor Man's Millions, can you describe your role with each?

My main full time job is for Beggar Man Thief where I'm the Floor Manager, we supply the men of Melbourne with great quality shoes and specialise in English Goodyear welted shoes.

Oscar Hunt is a part time job as a Product Innovation Manager. 

A Poor Man's Millions is my menswear blog, its all about my view and take on mens style. I don't force nor do I cut down anyone's style or views on the subject as its a personal matter that only the individual can judge themselves on what they like or don't like. If people like my views and style it's very humbling.

What does a product innovation manager position entail?

I get to source fabrics and accessories and also style/innovate the details and functions of suiting, shirts, overcoats etc. I have almost free range creatively. I take a garment and see how I can make it better or more practical for the company. I can also bring in other garments and products to enhance or add on to the garment/product base of the company.

Jared Acquaro in a handsome pair of high-waisted trousers by Oscar Hunt.

What is your personal style philosophy?

I've learnt how certain items of clothing should fit on my body that was a foundry I wanted to have. I also think its a must in learning your own personal style. Most of all you should be comfortable in what you're wearing and be able to move freely!

Jared Acquaro in Land's End knit sweater.

What do you look for in selecting a suit or sports-coat for yourself? 

Fit and quality then I'll take note of the price, personally I think the term "You get what you pay for" doesn't seem to apply now days unfortunately. Brands can help but just because you may not know the name or see it on tv, billboards etc doesn't mean it's not of high quality or a great fit.

What place do vintage pieces have in your wardrobe?

They have a great part of my wardrobe if I can find pieces that fit etc. Clothing made a long time ago before all the "Disposable" fashion came in, was constructed a lot better so they'd last a lot longer. Alterations are usually a must for these pieces though, unless your lucky. Very lucky.

Jared Acquaro in a vintage 1970s Del Monti suit, re-tailored for a modern fit.

For the man that is looking to build a more dapper wardrobe for himself, what are some essential pieces, cuts, and colors that you recommend to prepare him for all seasons and occasions?

It's a personal thing everyone's basics will differ on their lifestyles. But a great staple is definitely a Navy suit, easily dressed up of down and split up too.

Jared Acquaro in this sharp, navy, double-breasted suit by Oscar Hunt.

Even the best dressed man can't be in a suit and tie at all times, what do you recommend for looking polished and put together for a casual Saturday morning or sporting event?

I wear jeans, chinos and a sports blazer or Harrington jacket depending on weather of coarse on the weekend, I enjoy and prefer to wear English leather shoes they let my feet breath better and don't look like big chunky pillows on my feet.

Jared Acquaro, casual sophistication. 

Your tattoos are a big part of your look and they provide such a great juxtaposition with traditional menswear. Tell us a little about your tattoos and their relationship to your current style.

To be honest my tattoos don't play any part in how I dress or style looks. I don't let the tattoos become me because they are personal and for me only, I know they are there, so do others and I don't need to remind people or show them off as a statement.  Even if I didn't have tattoos I'd still dress the same and live my life the same way.

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