Iconic Character Project

By Joe Kucharski - December 3, 2015

I posted one of my favorite costume design assignments on social media this week, and received a ton of responses from people interested in teaching it at their school. I assign the Iconic Character Project at the early part of the semester for my beginning costume students. They analysis the look of an iconic character and then translate it into modern fashion, historic clothing, and a dance costume through collage. I let them pick the character, historic period, and dance style- so there are always some really interesting pairings! Sometimes the historic translation involves researching clothing accurate to how the character was originally depicted, but often they choose to move the time period. I stress that the dance style should speak to personality- how their character may actually dance.

Below you can find the assignment sheet, and a sample from students. Feel free to use the assignment as is, or make it your own. I would love to see examples of what you or your students come up with!

Download the PDF here.

Iconic Character Project - Student Sample - Baylor University Theatre

Iconic Character Project - Student Sample - Baylor University Theatre