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  • PQ Eyewear - Seeing the Future

    PQ Eyewear is an innovative design company, led by industrial designer and architect Ron Ard, leading the way in shaping the future of eyewear.

    Ard explains the motivation behind the minimalist construction concept, "How do you free people from the tyranny of the hinge? How do you free them from the tyranny of the components?”

    One of the first designs created was the Angel, 3D printed frame. These glasses feature a vertebrate-inspired joint and are printed as one piece in polyamide.

    Front and Back: Angel, 3D printed glasses.

    Several variations of this concept were also designed and printed in a variety of shapes and colors.

    Clockwise: Angel in purple; Balham in black; Archway in blue; Highgate in yellow.

    PQ has also created a metal hinge-free frame composed of one piece of continuous wire. These "A-Frame" glasses are designed to be completely adjustable to the wearer's face.  A simple adjustment of the wire between the lenses, raises or lowers the glasses proportionately. 

    Front and Back: Oxford Circus A-Frame.

    The "A-Frame" style also comes in a variety of styles for both men and women.

    Clockwise: Bond Street; Marble Arch; Notting Hill Gate; Park Royal.

    This advanced technology does not come cheap, but then, staying on the cutting-edge rarely does.

    Check out their site and view a list of vendors. www.PQ-eyewear.com