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  • Capitol Couture - Film and Fashion Synergy

    The newly redesigned Capitol Couture Tumblr, created to promote Hunger Games: Catching Fire, is the ultimate in costume design, fashion, and film marketing synergy. 

    The site contains images of costumes designed by Trish Summerville for the film and spotlights on some of the Capitol's most stylish characters, woven in with features on real life fashion designers.

    Capitol Couture. Elizabeth Banks as Effie, Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

    Part fashion blog, part movie poster, Capitol Couture is taking advantage of the wildly successful channel of free marketing through style blogs and magazines that has proved wildly successful as of late.  The recent success of Anna Karenina, a film that received limited theatrical release but huge fashion press due in large part to the 1950s couture inspiration of the costumes as well as the film-inspired line by Banana Republic, has proven a model for the expanding world of product and marketing tie-ins.  It may have even been a contributing factor in propelling costume designer Jacqueline Durran's Academy Award win.  In addition, movies like The Great Gatsby, which partnered with some of the biggest names in couture and ready to wear, Prada and Brooks Brothers, has received more press from fashion publications than any film could ever dream of paying for.

    With this new trend, are costume designers going to be increasingly pressured to incorporate press-friendly fashion brands? Will the quality of character design, or even story-telling, suffer as studios recognize the spending potential of an expanding fashion conscious fan-base? This should be an interesting area to watch.

  • Fashion Film - PRADA CANDY L'EAU

    Fashion films have taken off and are giving brands a new avenue for advertising. With the exorbitant cost of runway shows and full-color print ads in international fashion magazines, many smaller brands have adopted this savvy form of media to reach the masses. Harnessing the power of technology and fan-based media sharing, a fashion video that goes viral can spell big recognition and profits for a developing label. 

    But even the big names in fashion are getting in on the trend.  This spring Prada released a series of three short videos for its new fragrance, CANDY L'EAU. Shot by famed directors Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, and featuring a quirky love triangle, the trilogy captures a sense of humor and wit difficult to portray in a single photograph. This format proves much more effective in establishing the spirit of Prada's target client, and making her desirable. 

    As even a handful of brands gain increased attention through this form of free distribution, expect to see fashion films grow in both use and creativity.