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  • Fashion Film - PRADA CANDY L'EAU

    Fashion films have taken off and are giving brands a new avenue for advertising. With the exorbitant cost of runway shows and full-color print ads in international fashion magazines, many smaller brands have adopted this savvy form of media to reach the masses. Harnessing the power of technology and fan-based media sharing, a fashion video that goes viral can spell big recognition and profits for a developing label. 

    But even the big names in fashion are getting in on the trend.  This spring Prada released a series of three short videos for its new fragrance, CANDY L'EAU. Shot by famed directors Wes Anderson and Roman Coppola, and featuring a quirky love triangle, the trilogy captures a sense of humor and wit difficult to portray in a single photograph. This format proves much more effective in establishing the spirit of Prada's target client, and making her desirable. 

    As even a handful of brands gain increased attention through this form of free distribution, expect to see fashion films grow in both use and creativity.