Francis Bitonti Studio - Pushing The Boundaries of 3D Printed Technology

Trust me when I tell you that if you haven’t already heard of Francis Bitonti and the incredible work coming out of his studio, it won’t be long before you won’t be able to escape hearing about this visionary designer.  With a background in digital media, and a Masters of Architecture from Pratt, Bitonti’s keen eye and expert training in complex technical coding have made him uniquely poised to shake-up the world of design through exciting and ever-expanding digital developments.

3D Printed Metal and Laser-Cut Wool, Katie Gallagher and Francis Bitonti Studio.

His work spans multiple platforms including architecture, interior design, furniture and product design, and most importantly (to us) fashion design.  He has collaborated with fashion designer Katie Gallagher on projects that have included laser cut leather, wool, and 3D printed metals. He is probably most recognizable for his collaboration with Michael Schmidt on the now world-famous fully articulated 3D printed dress for Dita Von Teese unveiled this past Spring.  Bitonti continues to work with these trusted partners, but is branching out with his studio’s own fashion projects this Fall.

Fully Articulated 3D Printed Dress, Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti Studio. 

The first project is an incredible 3D printed clutch to be released in October. This bag, which will be wrapped in stingray and overlaid with a sterling silver over-piece, will be stunning to say the least, but it is what is on the inside that really counts! This clutch represents exciting new development in the field of multi-material 3D printing. The inner structure is being printed on Stratasys’ Connex 500 of a carefully controlled combination of two polymers, veroclear and tengoblack.  Bitonti tells us his excitement for this type of printing stems from the ability to develop “gradients of material behavior.”  His studio has had to create new software just for this project.  Bitonti’s current work involves “printing from images instead of geometry.”  As a limited edition release, this clutch looks to be one of the hottest items for Fall!

3D Printed Clutch, front and back, Francis Bitonti Studio.

Bitonti’s second project will walk down the runway at the prestigious 3D PRINTSHOW, held this year in Paris, November 15-16.  This partnership with Ireland based Mcor will feature a full color, fully paper, printed dress! This dress will also include collaboration with Texas-based Captured Dimensions, which will be scanning organic shapes for Bitonti.  Still shrouded in much mystery and secrecy, no images are currently available for this project.  Francis has given us just enough information to hook our interest and have us looking forward to November! 

Other projects include the full-scale printing of the phenomenal 3D printed Bristol chair expected sometime in December, and a series of 3D printed ceramics featuring plates and bowls that will be available as part of a new direct sale, online consumer offering from Bitonti Studio.


Bristol 3D Printed Chair, Francis Bitonti Studio.

Check out Francis Bitonti Studio’s website for more on this world-changing designer’s work, and check back here regularly for updates on these and other exciting 3D printed projects!