FIDM Museum $4 for 400 Years of Fashion History!

By Joe Kucharski - August 4, 2015

Helen Larson, a successful Southern California entrepreneur, amassed an unparalleled historic clothing collection over a fifty-year time span. Her collection represents over 400 years of fashion, with a beautiful 17th Century men’s velvet doublet serving as the earliest piece. The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising Museum is fundraising to acquire this remarkable collection of rare items. And you can help preserve these important pieces of fashion history!


#4for400 is FIDM Museum’s plan to save 400 years of fashion by asking fashion historians, enthusiasts, and fans to donate just $4 (or $40, or $400) by texting MUSEUM to 243725. Why is this so important? Many times, important collections are split up, sold at auction, and end up in small private collections. FIDM Museum’s acquisition of The Helen Larson Collection will insure the proper care and storage of these garments, as well as accessibility to student and professional clothing researchers. This is an endeavor and collection that deserves your time and support! Text now to donate $4, and then share with you friends, family, and colleagues on social media, email, and in person!


Collection Highlights:

  • Women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories from the United States and Europe
  • Garments associated with Queens Victoria, Alexandra, and Mary of England; Czarina Marie of Russia; and Empress Eugenie of France
  • A rare velvet jerkin from c. 1610
  • Major haute couture designers, including Worth, Doucet, Pingat, Fortuny, Paquin, Poiret, and Chanel
  • The only collection of this caliber in the world—and impossible to duplicate today!


For more information on the Helen Larson collection and how to get involved in FIDM Museum’s fundraising efforts, visit the FIDM Museum Blog

Don't want to text?! Not in the United States? Click here to donate directly online!