Conjuring up '70s Period Details

The latest horror film by director James Wan, The Conjuring, follows Ed and Lorraine Warren as they investigate paranormal activity in a family's Rhode Island farmhouse. 

The trailer and promotional photos show off some of the wonderful 1970s era costumes designed by Kristin M. Burke.  

The Warrens look impeccable in their crisp, cool-toned professional ensembles. Patrick Wilson's wide lapeled polyester suit looks phenomenal, as do the face framing blue ruffles on Vera Farmiga.

The Perron family's worn, earthy colors and simple shapes convey a wonderful, grounded realism.

And when the two meet on screen, it creates a beautiful contrast in shape, color, and texture. 

The film is chock full of great period details, from wide collars, to heavy knits and soft florals.

Not for the faint of heart, this film looks to be just as terrifying as Wan's fans have come to expect.  The trailer alone is enough to spike your heart rate!


The Conjuring opens July 19th.